About us

“Community Wheels” is an inclusive community-based transportation service serving the Municipality of the District of Chester. The service was launched in August, 2007 by the Municipality of Chester Transportation Society. Community Wheels operates on a pre-booked basis offering door-to-door service to all residents of the Municipality of the District of Chester. It is intended to offer a ride to transportation disadvantaged residents for all purposes such as medical appointments/services, banking, grocery shopping, recreation, socialization, etc.

“Until this service was developed, we had to rely on family or friends and now we can feel independent” –senior from New Ross

The Community Wheels service was launched in 2007. One of the unique features of our regular service is that we do not charge fares but rather it is operated on a “free will offering” basis with donations accepted from riders. Community Wheels is also licensed to provide charter service at set fees. All revenue earned by charters is used to support the “by donation” service.

“We appreciate being able to take the children on outings occasionally, they enjoy it so much” –Administrative Assistant, local daycare

Community Wheels was launched using an aging bus that was donated to the project by a local organization. The project has since grown and expanded to now having a fleet of vehicles which includes a 14 passenger, wheelchair accessible minibus; a 4 passenger wheelchair accessible van; and a 4 passenger car.

“The scenic drive in our beautiful area is so much more enjoyable when someone else is doing the driving” –rider from East River

All rides with Community Wheels must be booked in advance. Service is available weekly for rides within the local area. Trips for medical related appointments and services outside the local area are also provided upon request based on need. Priority is given to seniors, persons with disabilities, and residents living with low or little income.


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